Hardwood Decking and Contemporary Garden Design

The use of hardwood in garden decking inside the UK has improved many fold inside the closing ten years. This has been surely due to its multiplied availability. For example: woods like Ipe, Yellow Ballau, Garappa and so on…Although those woods are greater hard to work (especially because of their density), they’ve observed their way onto the marketplace because they offer the customer a sleeker, greater delicate look than the usual dealt with smooth wooden options.

These hardwoods provide extra Hardwood decking sturdiness than even the fine handled softwoods due to the oils and resins, which disallow the formation of bacteria. Most hardwoods presented on the market in Europe include a FSC authorized certification. The Forest Stewardship Council turned into set up as an international network to sell the accountable control of the sector’s forests. It enables to guide customers closer to sustainable wood assets.

Most hardwoods have a advanced appearance, mainly due to the smoothness and sheen of the wooden. Also there is forever a slight variant in tone and coloration, between one deck board and its neighbour and so offers a herbal look to the deck.


Many garden designers use hardwood decking to supplement a present day lawn appearance, regularly highlighting the brink of a deck, or deck steps, with LED lighting fixtures. We frequently use decking as a part of a bigger lawn design scheme, but usually attempt to comparison it with a few other difficult cloth. Too a whole lot use of the same fabric can seem monotonous to the attention.

It is genuine to say that decking used just as a row of planks in a lawn can appear as a an overused cliche. As garden designers, we strive and range the usage of hardwood decking: every now and then using a circular motif with tapered and machined deckboards (see picture), in any other case it is able to be used with tiles or small stone slabs as edging.

David Andersen is a award winning uk based garden and panorama designer. He specialises in creating contemporary outdoor spaces for relaxation and unique. He uses dramatic plant cloth, regularly in mixture with placing lighting fixtures schemes.